Dave hits the spot

I once wrote an article in which I suggested that Spring Harvest had moved from the radical to the vanilla and is now so much a part of the norm that it fails to challenge properly. Even after reducing the comment to “Christian festivals in holiday camps”, the Evangelical DYO editing the book was not brave enough to include the comment. The Editor of the new book (which I hope will interest you) took that (second draft) paragraph without a twitch.

The more I reflect on it, the more true I consider it to be. Sometimes we have to come together as the people of God, to hear his holy word, dwell on his Scriptures, feed on his holy sacraments and simply be silent in the awesome presence of God. No amount of flag waving and jumping up and down (the danger of band worship – worship of the band, not with the band) should interfere with the tremendous story that has been recounted this weekend. Thank you, Dave Walker; on the money once more!