I’d just so love this to be part of the FE liturgy on December 8th, but I fear that it might be too radical. I couldn’t find the text anywhere on my system, so I am documenting it here, just in case I ever need it again. The first paragraph certainly comes from Grace, the Credo itself, I have no idea. The music is Nitin Sawney. God pulls no punches.


God waits for us,
not like a lion ready to pounce if we let our guard down
and not like an interfering mother-in-law
but like an old friend who’s seen it all before and likes us anyway
and with whom we can spend time without having to pretend or explain.

We believe in God. Three in One. Father. Son. Spirit.
Paradox. Mystery. Elemental.

We believe in a God of Justice. Compassion. Mercy. Hope. And first, a God of Love.
Love personified. Incarnated.

We believe in God, the Mother of Creation. God, the Father of Humanity. God, the lover of us all.

We believe we are called to activity out of passivity and apathy
By the Son of God through his actions, calling down through history,
Bourne on the wings of the Spirit.

We believe we are called to community with each other
Through Christ the thread
Weaving us all together.

We believe that God
Has no favourites
Pulls no punches
Leaves no stone unturned.

We believe that life is hard
We believe that life is beautiful

And so
We believe
Does God.