Contra Creation Season

@RevDaniel, like me, has misgivings about this new ‘Creation Season’ (I thought the whole of Ordinary Time was about creation, hence the green vestments). He draws in this wonderfully vivid quote to change the focus from the created to the creator…

St. Augustine’s “Confessions” sums it up well:

“I asked the earth and it answered, “I am not He”; and all things that are in the earth made the same confession. I asked the sea and the deeps and the creeping things, and they answered, “We are not your God; seek higher.” I asked the winds that blow, and the whole air with all that is in it answered, “Anaximenes was wrong; I am not God.” I asked the heavens, the sun, the moon, the stars, and they answered, “Neither are we God whom you seek.” And I said to all the things that throng about the gateways of the senses: “Tell me of my God, since you are not He. Tell me something of Him.” And they cried out in a great voice: “He made us.” My question was my gazing upon them, and their answer was their beauty.”

I think we should focus our worship on the Creator, not the creation, however thankful we are for its goodness and beauty.

My grateful thanks to @RevDaniel