Confirmation Preparation – Journey of Faith – Session 1: God

What is the Point?

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  • Introduction and practicalities
  • What is the point – Everything Video
  • Experiences of God
  • Understandings of God – Sources of Revelation: Scripture, Experience of Christians, Theology and Enquiry
  • The Sacred Name of God
    • Aren’t all religions essentially the same?
    • Allah
    • Modern Swearing
  • Exodus 3; Revelation 4-5
  • Busyness- finding space within ourselves
  • Freewill
  • Experiences of Prayer
    • Talking to oneself
    • Shopping List Prayers
    • Be Still and know that I am God
    • Prayer as a multisensory activity
  • Responses to the Sacred
    • Candles, Prayer and Incense
  • Our response is conditioned by our relationship with God: Father, Judge, Friend, Cruel Despot

Film: Bruce Almighty

God:            You can do anything you want, but you can’t mess with free will

Bruce:          Can I ask why

God:            Yes you can! That’s the beauty of it