Coming Up: Creative Ideas in Sacramental Alternative Worship

I am delighted to report that the book (above) has passed the next stage. Christine, the lovely editor at SCM-Canterbury has approved the second draft and it moves to the typesetting and proofing stage, with a view to publication in the late spring summer: we certainly expect it to be in the bookshops by the time of Greenbelt.

I am currently working on the contents of the DVD which will have a DVD of some things to play in a DVD player and other things available when you po it into a computer. You will not be surprised that I am creating that myself. I fully expect it to contain more resources than end stuff to force the users into actually creating stuff rather than just playing Blesséd material. You can download that stuff from anyway, and as much of what is on there reuses material in copyright (which is permitted in worship, but cannot be distributed with a book), we cannot simply just stick the Blesséd sampler (which is what I give out when I come to give a talk on Creative Liturgy and Mission – please contact me if you are interested in that) in the back of the book. No, I want you to make stuff, and so need to provide raw materials so you can do the business.

I am hoping to include some original music from the brilliant Mother Sue Wallace of Visions in York who does some marvellously atmospheric twiddling and remixing of Hymns Ancient & Modern – the cheesy classics of the Church, and a lot of stuff I have shot myself. It might be nice to know what material you would like to see on the DVD to help you…

I do not have an exact publication date yet, but I hope that when the time is right, you will want to order it, preferably before it gets to the remaindered section of the St. Andrews Christian Bookshop reduced to £1 a copy.