Come for the beaches, stay for the waterboarding – unsubscribe me

Another powerful video from Amnesty International, this time on waterboarding

What sends shivers down my spine is that this stuff is done by those we are supposedly trusting. This is what I might expect in Iran, or Egypt or Burma, or the Congo (let’s just leave out the farcical “Democratic Republic” bit from their title eh?), but this happens a few miles off the Florida coast and probably on UK soil as well, if the truth be known. What makes the US and the UK think this is acceptable?

This is not freedom, not justice, none of the safeguards that my grandfathers fought in World Wars to achieve. This is cowardly and I am ashamed of our behaviour. I don’t care what they have done to us – the bloke told us to turn the other cheek and to stand up to bullies, but not to use their techniques on them. If we do this, then the terrorists have won, and I don’t want them to win.

Oh yeah, count me out. Join me, and together Unsubscribe-Me.