Collective Worship – Mothering Sunday – God's Personal Touch


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The Impersonal Touch

Petrol Pumps, doors, elevators, recorded messages, everything is impersonal—difficult to speak to a real person. Having recorded voices and interactive messages may, at times, make it more efficient, but it certainly isn’t personal! We can’t replace personal interaction with recorded messages, we can’t replace electronic communication with face to face contact. Can you imagine if we took it to its extreme—we would never leave the house or meet another person again! We need the personal touch, we need relationships and friendships, we need real people.

The Personal Touch

God gives us people who are close to us, who care for us, who love us,: family, friends etc. Today we think of one person in particular: our mothers—or those who mother us: those people who have nurtured us and supported us as we have grown up, people who have given us what we need, people who have looked after us, looked out for us.

God’s Personal Touch: Mary and the Church

When God came into the world in Jesus a mother was carefully chosen in the person of Mary. Jesus gave his mother to us as he hung upon the cross, which is why, for so many Christians, she has a special place in the life of the Church. The church too is like a mother to us, because it is where we are nurtured in the Christian faith, where we receive the love and support of others and where we discover the personal touch of Jesus in our lives.

So today we thank God for the personal touch.

We thank God for our mothers
We thank God for Mary the mother of Jesus
We thank God for the Church which is like a mother
We thank God for the many different ways in which we have received love and comfort, support and value.


thank you for our mothers
and all who help us in any way.
Help us to value the people in our lives
and all the gifts you give us. Amen.

 The Lord’s Prayer