Collective Worship – Introducing Holy Week & focus on Palm Sunday

Our Holy Week in School begins this Friday with this act of Collective Worship and is continued into more whole school worship on Monday and Tuesday, taking them from Palm Sunday to Resurrection day by day.

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Gathering: Video from the Miracle Maker, music “Theme from American Beauty”

The path of Holy Week: Palm Sunday, Last Supper, Gethsemene, Arrest, Crucifixion and Resurrection – what we will follow this week

Palm Sunday – retell as through the eyes of one who was there – Music “Hosanna to the Son of David – Community of the Resurrection”

From shouts of praise to shouts of condemnation

Are we prepared to stand up against the crowd for what is right?


Lord’s Prayer


Recessional – Matt Maher “Your Love is Extravagent”