Collective Worship: Conversion of Saul

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  • Does anyone know what conversion means?
    • I don’t just mean converting a try in Rugby either…
    • But we convert Kg to Grams, don’t we?
    • When we go abroad, we convert our money, from Pounds to Euros or to Dollars
  • So conversion means CHANGE
  • Today, we think about the way God changed one man so much that as a result he changed his name, and it changed his life
  • Now, using some change in my pocket, I’m going to think about the change in Saul
  • I know 5 things about him, and this change will help me remember these things.

Take the 5 coins out of your pocket. Lay out the coins in front of you, one by one, as you explain that: 

  1. Saul had been born in the city of Tarsus, which was ruled by the Romans, and this made him a Roman citizen.
  2. Saul was a tentmaker – that’s what he did for a living.
  3. Saul was a Pharisee, which meant that he had spent many years studying the law, and was confident that he knew best what God wanted him to do.
  4. Saul wanted to please the Jewish leaders, and he knew that they wanted to get rid of all of Jesus’ followers, so that’s what he tried to do. He thought that God wanted him to do this, too.
  5. Saul was proud and arrogant, and he didn’t care whether he was arresting or killing men, women or children – he just wanted rid of them all.
Show the video and tell the story of Acts 9:1-22 as it shows. After, gather together the 5 coins in one hand, drop them back into your pocket and take out the £5 note.
  • It was as if God had gathered together everything about Saul and changed it completely, even giving him a new name:
  • from Saul to Paul. Saint Paul.
  • The thing is, we don’t spend a £5 note by ripping little bits off it: it only works as one whole thing.
  • And Jesus called Saul to give everything up for Him – not to hold any little bits back, but to really give his whole life to following Jesus, just as we have to hand over the whole note if we want to spend it.