Cisco / Linksys loses another customer

<apologies for the technical nature of this post, if it looks like gobbledygook to you, move along please. There will be another post about Jesus along in a minute.>

2:36am: Simon Rundell requested session.
2:37am: Peter (30056E) started session.

[2010-03-15 02:36:56 Please wait… Your number in the queue: 1
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[2010-03-15 02:37:37 Peter (30056E) has joined this session.
[2010-03-15 02:38:03 Simon Rundell: Hello, my problem is slow data transfer under windows on my NSLU2. A 1Gb folder copy taking more than 8 hours!
[2010-03-15 02:38:42 Simon Rundell: I have heard that the solution might be a downgrade in firmware: currently runnung 2.3 r29
[2010-03-15 02:38:58 Peter (30056E): May I know which country are you based in?
[2010-03-15 02:39:14 Simon Rundell: UK
[2010-03-15 02:39:16 Peter (30056E): Can you please confirm your phone number and email address so that we can get back to you in case you get disconnected?
[2010-03-15 02:39:41 Simon Rundell: 07976 802123 (that +44 code) and
[2010-03-15 02:39:52 Peter (30056E): May I know the Model Number and serial Number of the Linksys Product along with the Version Number (v1/v2/ver1/ver2 etc)? You would find it on the flip side of the device on the Linksys Logo.
[2010-03-15 02:40:44 Simon Rundell: model nslu2
[2010-03-15 02:41:11 Simon Rundell: serial XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
[2010-03-15 02:42:01 Simon Rundell: i think there was only a version 1
[2010-03-15 02:42:10 Simon Rundell: and as i said, the firmware is v. 2.3r29
[2010-03-15 02:42:21 Peter (30056E): give me a minute please
[2010-03-15 02:47:01 Peter (30056E): this product is listed as being out of warranty and is no longer eligible for chat support. However, I do have a couple of support options that may be of assistance to you. First, we have our complimentary award-winning online support tools OR I can give you the 800 number to connect with our phone support staff where they can offer you technical assistance through various fee-based support options.
[2010-03-15 02:47:08 Peter (30056E): Which option would you prefer ?
[2010-03-15 02:48:02 Simon Rundell: Or you could just tell me where the firmware is on the web?
[2010-03-15 02:48:35 Peter (30056E): i am afarid the website has latest one not the downgraded version firmware.  The online support tools are located at:
[2010-03-15 02:50:18 Peter (30056E): the UK phone support number is 0871 200 0498. Please be aware that his number is a pay-line with a 10ppm charge

Executive summary: give us money to fix the problem with our own device. The link he sent me basically tells me what the paid support options are. No other way to get support, and even then, no way of getting older versions of the firmware

I went out and got a replacement network attached storage device (not made by Linksys) which works much, much, much better.

This is not the way to support your customers, and I feel let down by Linksys. I used to use Linksys modems, hubs and switches all the time, but performance issues, a move to a cable modem and this frankly awful support has meant that it is mainly Netgear these days. The NAS device was the last remaining Linksys device, and that is now on the recycle pile.