Christmas Card 2008


(also on Facebook – video )

I have tried to totally abandon Christmas Cards this year, and usually end up writing one of those round robin letters that are full of lies, half-truths and silly jokes, as I can’t take them seriously: “Jessica is doing really well in her ballet, cello and brain surgery lessons whilst Tarquin has just been awarded his fifth gold star at McDonalds by staying there all morning, meanwhile we went on a skiing holiday to Klosters and managed to fit in a small stint of peacekeeping in Palestine this summer…” You know the ones.

However, we have had some nice pictures that I have taken with my camera, so I stuck them alltogether with a soundtrack from the old BBC Radiophonic Workshop (a groovy sixties track called Vespucci); so, if you have forgotten what the Rundell family look like, and have forgotten our email address, then this is the video for you.

The real, underlying reason of course is to duck out of the obscene commercialism of Christmas and use this special time to invest in people and those less fortunate than ourselves. All the money we would have spent on cards and postage is going towards Christian Aid’s PresentAid. Enjoy!