Chinese Tea Instructions – now is that clear?


I have a copy of “The Passion of the Christ” from China for which the English subtitles are so badly translated that it renders the film unusable apart from image grabbing. Emma returned late on Saturday night from an amazing trip to China with her school – it clearly has been a life-changing experience and one which she fully embraced. She returns addicted to Chinese Tea (which I also love) and brought home the above packet.

Do you think they used BabelFish to get this?

Blue high official select for use Oolong tea, American ginseng refined succeeding with modern craft. Particle its size even, color and luster present sand to be getting green, fragrance extremely, is it is it steep, is it put to able to bear to wash to able to bear, the millet paste is clarified to flow clearly tomorrow, will assail the nostrils fragrantly, flavour is mellow, tooth cheek flow fragrant after drinking, contain trace element that human body need, modern ideal health care good merchantable brand