Cell Group

You need support. You needed it when you became a curate and boy, do you need it now.

Phil, Toby and I got together in Chichester, had a decent lunch and talked and talked about the issues which we all face:

* Leadership
* Change Management
* Conflict Resolution
* Workload


* Visiting

… or ‘why I should do more visiting but havn’t got the time’

We are ALL in the same boat. TheFirst Responsibilityu Course taught me that much. Also, I do too many hours. 75 this week. Euggghhh!

It was really worthwhile, however, and I have a pile of new ideas to try.

Interestingly enough, Toby has come up with a new structure for his PCC which looks surprisingly like my thoughts on Ministry Teams. Maybe I’m not so radical and outlandish and I feared and that it might just work – especially as Toby uses much better words than me.

Thinking about the Battle of the Bands at the weekend. Hope I have the right kit to make this work… gulp!