Bravo: Supporting Gay Young People

There is hope out there. Hope and support for people (and especially young people) who strive to deal with their sexuality.

On a recent Boing Boing Post there was:

a rather amusing video created by a Canadian high-school student titled “Hiding Your Sexual Orientation From Your Parents 101.”

One of the many people who commented on that post was an anonymous commenter who wrote:

Ok, my parents found out i was gay by myspace (which i regret for putting my sexual orientation) and my parents will never accept cause my parents are really realigous for our christianity. They are so realigous, that i’m now homeschooled and going to a private school. Also i have no internet unless for emergencies, no friends houses, no phone, no boy friends til i’m 18. The only times i can get out is to christian youth groups so i have no life for the next 5 years ( cause i’m 13). Oh and my parents think all the wrong things in the world about gays, they even use the gay f word. I need help and i’m typing this from my PS3 cause they don’t know it has internet. HELP!!! =O

It’s hard for jaded internet people like me (Xeni Jardin) to know when someone’s pulling your leg online, but I’ll take this one at face value.

So, Dear Anonymous:

Boy, that sucks. I don’t have a way of contacting you privately, so I’ll say it to the world. You are fine just as you are. There is nothing wrong with being gay, and everything right with being true to yourself, no matter who tries to tell you otherwise. But being gay and a teen is very hard when your family isn’t cool with it. My friend Maggie suggests that you might want to check out these helplines and Web resources, so you can talk to someone who can help you sort stuff out:

♦ (a teen LGBTQ site)
♦ (Web chat based teen counseling service)
♦ (National LGBTQ help center, with phone counseling lines manned by other LGBTQ people. They’ve got a special youth line, online peer support and access to local services and organizations.)

If you are reading this post, Anonymous, I bet some other people will be writing suggestions for other good resources in the comments. Check them out. Good luck. There are many of us in the world who welcome you just as you are. Don’t believe anyone who tells you that who you are is anything less than beautiful.

Keep your head held high, little happy mutant.



It’s a lonely path, but I would want to offer my prayers and support to that young person. God created them. God loves him/her as they are. These are important resources, and I repost them here for any who might stumble upon them, and pray they will be useful.

twlohaToday is “To Write Love On Her Arms Day“, which supports young people facing depression, self-harm and other crises of self-identity. There was love on Christ’s Arms as he bore the sin of the world on the Cross. He did not condemn, he loved.

Yes, happy mutant, may God bless you, and all of you.