Blesséd – The Lord's Prayer Challenge

As Our Saviour taught us, so we pray…

(Priest says words in Italics)

Our Father in heaven.

Don’t say ‘Father’ if you do not behave like a son or daughter. Don’t say ‘Our’ if you only think of your self.

Hallowed by your name

Don’t say ‘Hallowed’ if you do not honour that name.

Your Kingdom come

Don’t say ‘Your Kingdom come’ if you are weighed down with material goods

Your will be done On earth as in heaven

Don’t say ‘Thy will be done’ if you do not accept the hard bits

Don’t say ‘as it is in heaven’ if you only think about earthly matters

Give us this day our daily bread

Don’t say ’Our daily bread’ if you have no concern for the hungry or the homeless

Forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who against us

Don’t say ‘Forgive us our sins’ if you remain angry with someone

Lead us not into temptation

Don’t say ‘Lead us not into temptation’ if you intend to continue sinning

But deliver us from evil

Don’t say ‘Deliver us from evil if you are not willing to make a stand against injustice

For the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory are yours, now and for ever. Amen

Don’t say ‘AMEN’ without considering the words of your prayer!