Blesséd Rising – A Liturgy for the Ascension – St Mary's, Moseley, Birmingham

We travelled to Moseley in Birmingham yesterday to speak on Creative Liturgy and Mission and then to share a Blesséd Mass with the good people of that place.

The seminar was intended to stimulate the parish into possibilities of Sacramental Alternative Worship, and then to show then a way, with the firm expectation that their way would and should look and feel very different.

About 45 people came to worship, and as usual there was a variety of responses. Many were non-plussed at the idea that you actually had to move, that lemons and honey don’t just appear in your pew, stone cairns don’t build themselves. Liam remarked that we should have had a slide which said “Mass is not a spectator sport” which amused me. However, for a small number of people, it did what we were called to do: God was worshipped, the sacrament was shared.

It was a long drive home and Liam, Emma, Vickie and I are suffering for it now. Please pray for us as we all recover.