Blesséd Mass of the Trinity at Greenbelt


I hope the comments to this post will contain reflections of those who were there.

From my perspectives, it went well. The Fire Officers continued to be officious and troublesome, and looked suspiciously at our candles on the altar, much to the annoyance of Mother Ellen the venue manager. If the New Forms is supposed to be an alt.worship venue then they should enable it for smoke, candles and incense. I was not allowed to light the thurible (symbol without meaning therefore) and the smoke machine was banned without even being tested 🙁

The technical and venue team were brilliant in support of our contribution. The Blesséd Team worked brilliantly and I was able to delegate different tasks and know they were done. About 140 people came, and the space felt holy. The Mystery of the Trinity was  worshipped and God was present.


Caroline’s Trinity Meditation, the Bittersweet Penitential Rite


Forgetting the Sanctuary Bells and therefore doing the Benediction in silence.

There were some lovely positive comments on the way out, and so I pray we can come back and do some more worship next year. We have the Simple Mass this afternoon in the Youth Shelter venue. Please pray.