Blesséd Lenten Journey: new subscriptions by Twitter only (BlessedAltW), I am afraid due to overwhelming success!

In typical Blesséd style, I have woefully underestimated two things:

  1. That an ‘unlimited texts’ bundle actually means 3000 texts which means approximately 100 subscribers per day. Hmmm. Not that unlimited really, is it?
  2. That the demand for devotional material is massive, as the available spaces which I in no way thought I would reach is now full.

The solution for anyone else who wishes to receive these meditations is to use Twitter. By creating a Twitter account (and if you read this, I bet you know all about it by now, thanks to Stephen Fry) and ‘following’ BlessedAltW where the same text meditations will be posted.

International persons, Colonials and all similar Johnny Foreigners 🙂  who otherwise would have not been able to subscribe can also use this method.

My apologies if you wanted to receive them by mobile, but I hope this will work without breaking my bank!

On a technical note, I will be sending the texts from my PC using Quicker SMS. It can also send them as scheduled items, so on Good Friday, expect three: one for each hour of the Passion. Please pray for the technology, pray for the opening of the hearts of those who receive it, pray for those who have tried to write them to help others, and while you are at it, pray for Mother Kathryn who appears to have broken her arm in order to get out of Ashing. Get well soon and type left-handed…