Blesséd goes vanilla….

It is now on the Greenbelt website:

Blesséd has now started to go overground. This is the blurb on their website. Make a date in your diary for 6pm on Monday 25th August. Scary stuff. Orate Pro Nobis

Blessed Mass


Sacraments with Attitude. Eucharist with backbeats. Unashamedly Anglocatholic, wildly and rabidly inclusive: a sacramental exploration through which we are transformed by a full-on encounter with the real presence of Christ.

Blessed has been shuffling around the back of the Church of England since 2003, causing nuisance and upsetting the calm quiet of evensong. Coming from a distinctly anglocatholic heritage from urban Portsmouth, its mission is to seek the sacramental in all of creation, and to embrace the sacramental life in wildly, rabidly inclusive ways.

Not always eucharistic, but always deeply embedded with sign, symbol and the mystery of incarnation, Blessed has been trying to see what a new ecclesial community without parish boundaries looks like.

Far too badly behaved to be a formal ‘Fresh Expression’, Blessed continues to annoy those who have preconceived ideas about what it means to be catholic, to be Anglican: pushing liturgical boundaries and incurring the wrath of those who are more concerned with vestments than the radicalness of the Gospel; annoying those who like their church wedged firmly between the pages of a book. Come and have a go, if you think you’re hard enough.