Blesséd Daily Texts

I was forced to stop doing these daily meditations-in-140-characters when I changed to an iPhone from a Blackberry. I miss doing them terribly, and I am now debating how I can do them once more. Producing these short daily reflections was an important part of my daily devotional, and did me (and I suspect, a few others) some spiritual good.

One of the key issues about restarting is the economics, as I don’t have an unlimited text package anymore, and that would be an extra £8 a month. But that’s a lot for me, right now.

The other is technological, as I used to use the wonderful QuickerSMS which linked my BB to my laptop; and as far as I can see, there is NO such product for the iPhone. There are loads of posts from people asking if there was anything that did this, but would Apple deign to allow anyone to sell one of these on their AppStore? Nah! If anyone knows of a solution, could they let me know in the comments.

I could create a group text list and do it that way, but I suppose I need to know if others miss the texts, and would get benefit from them.

Another solution would be just to do it via Twitter, which would be good for some of us, cost-effective (ie free for me to do) but isn’t quite so immediate.

What would you like?