Blesséd at the 24 Hours of Worship – Video

From the Diocese of Portsmouth, two excerpts of the Blesséd Mass of Easter at the Portsmouth Cathedral 24 Hours of Worship event. Further videos of other bits can be found here. Ben Mizen’s excellent photos can be found here

The lessons learnt here are

a) Our new Bishop is up for anything as long it is authentic and honest. His contribution and suggestions were insightful and constructive.

b) Blesséd really does work best in the dark. I promise never to do a daylight Blesséd ever again, so help me God.

c) The Blesséd team are a wonderful collection of hard-working, insightful people

d) Technical teams need more than a script, they need handholding if they don’t know Blesséd. If they do, then trust them implicitly.

e) Blesséd needs a higher profile, because what it does is authentic

f) We should do more events like this.

Part 1

Part 2