"Biblical" Christianity

I love the way that a certain sect of the Church has seemed to claim the Scriptures for their own use and their own narrow, Pharisaical agenda.

I have a poster from Christian Aid from many years ago which has Desmond Tutu saying “when people say that politics and religion don’t mix, I have to ask myself which Bible they are reading”, and it makes me wonder if we are indeed reading the same Scripture.

When you see an advert in the Church Times jobs section with the code-phrases “Biblical Christianity” or “Teach the Authority of Scripture”, you just know what that Church is all about, and it ain’t the Bible.

I’d like my Bible back. I think it’s very important, but I don’t think you are using it in a way which honours God or the people trying to follow what the Didache called his way. To decry the Inclusive, to neglect the Stranger and the Outcast, to preach hate and rejection, seems to me to be very “unBiblical”, and yet it is precisely those values which are claimed as “teaching the authority of Scripture”. Reflecting on Matthew 25:31-46 has brought this on, this morning, and set me wondering precisely what “Biblical Christianity” really is, and it goes far beyond issues of sexuality, but into the very heart of the Godhead itself.

If to be “unBiblical” means doing what Jesus called us to do for the Stranger and the Outcast, then maybe that’s the badge I have to wear.