Best thirty quid I have invested for a long time…

…but O, so nervewracking.

The MacMini which I use for testing, and the occasional bit of multimedia (I am not a natural Mac person, and find them quite frustrating, if coolly designed) had only 512Mb RAM in it, which made it as slow as an ordinand at 7am Mattins.

Mac Minis are notoriously designed as to be hard to get into, and I wasn’t going to pay top whack for someone else to do it (more than £80 to get a Gb installed!!!), so I found this site, which carefully took me through it with the aid of a wallpaper stripping knife from Poundland: essential tool.

The Memory from Crucial arived this morning (£30 for 2Gb of 200pin DDR2) and once I had cracked open the case, it was a very strightforward upgrade, but because the MacMini is so tightly packed, you have to lift it apart to get at the memory.


Restart, reset the machine and hey presto: 2Gb Ram installed and now the little box absolutely flies. I am looking forward to some serious work on it using Adobe Premiere, Mac Office and probably most ironically, the Parallels XP emulator which is the most productive piece of Mac Software I have yet found. It ran Office 2003 and Sony Vegas but slowly and now I expect it to be fully functional.


Hurrah! Back to functionality and onwards with my preparations for tonight’s Mass with Ashing.