Backloading Complete…

I have just completed the backloading of this blog with previous material. I hope I have the dates roughly right. I have also uploaded all of my sermons at this Church since my induction 2 years ago.

It is interesting: although I do the bulk of the preaching (for I consider it to be a) my responsibility and b) as the stipendary member of clergy, I should do more than my NSM-colleague who has plenty of other work-related pressures about), there are considerable gaps in the sermon sequences. On occasion, I preach without notes, but this is not the norm, and the pattern is not reflected in this. Have I lost those sermons? That would be sad, for I’m sure the ones not on this site are the best of the bunch…   🙂

I have also loaded some postings from a previous parishLife blog: ones related to mission and ministry and not about things which should be left off blogs. I have learned. See?

Off to Church shortly to prepare for the reception of a coffin into Church. A wonderfully faithful lady, dearly loved by us all. She will be missed. Compare with the usual 20 mins at the Crem: Reception of the body at 4.15pm followed by Vespers for the Dead; A Requiem Mass this evening at 7.30pm and a Funeral Office tomorrow at 10am. This shows how much the parish think of her. This is how it should be. She was not rich, or a great organiser of people; but kind and funny and feisty and faithful. How I wish we could give thanks to God for people like her in this way more often.

Rest eternal grant unto her, O Lord / and let light perpetual shine upon her

May she rest in peace / and rise in glory.