Back to…

The Diamond Geezer writes largely about the London I love, and I love the sentiment and the colour of this…

» back to work
» back to school
» back to routine
» back to busy trains
» back to a nip in the air
» back to artificial sodium glare
» back to oranges, browns & yellows
» back to leaves clogging up your gutter
» back to being awake in time to see the dawn
» back to no more Big Brother, like, ever, probably
» back to a decent selection of non-imported apples in the shops
» back to prematurely-purchased fireworks exploding somewhere in the dark
» back to politicians returning to their desks and cutting things with a vengeance
» back to Christmas puddings and Advent calendars creeping onto the shelves in your local supermarket
» back to the nation’s tabloids (and 9 year-olds) getting over-excited about a gaggle of karaoke non-entities on the X Factor
» back to being able to take a day off work and go out to a museum somewhere and without finding lots of kids running around inbetween the exhibits
» back to having students in the flat nextdoor again, and them having loud mates round and staying up until all hours playing their Pendulum or Biffy Clyro or some other such pretentious rubbish
» back to the first conkers falling to the pavement from the big horse chestnut outside Bow Road station
» back to being able to see what’s on the other side of a row of trees for the first time in six months
» back to putting a jacket on, and making sure your winter coat’s been to the dry cleaners
» back to hiding away your tattoos under a long-sleeved shirt or full-length trousers
» back to switching on the lights before seven, before six, hell even before five
» back to decent telly (blimey there’s some good stuff on this week)
» back to mulling over locations for next year’s summer holiday
» back to wondering whether the central heating still works
» back to deciding there’s more to life than salad
» back to letting the garden water itself again
» back to staying in for the evening
» back to porridge, soup & cocoa
» back to blackberrying
» back to misty fog
» back to frost
» back to life
» back to reality
» back to the here and now yeah