Assembly "Epiphany Gifts"

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Rough Outline:

1. Christmas Presents – did we get what we hoped for? What we expected?
2. Sometimes we get unexpected things… And these can be a wonderful surprise
3. Open box of knitted nativity -> make scene but Wise Men are missing
4. Shepherds brought Jesus a sheep which is all they had
5. Feast of the Epiphany commemorates visit of the wise men – magi
6. Get Wise Men out of other box. Make knitted nativity scene
7. We are not even sure there are three of them. Names etc
8. Their gifts, all say something special about Jesus
9 Gifts say I think you are special. I think of you.
10 these gifts all come from the heart – the best gifts of all
11 last verse of in the bleak midwinter
12 prayer and blessing