Affirmation of Faith: Bubbles meet Ephesians 3

We like blowing bubbles here. Always have a pot of bubbles in your bag, and one in Church. You never know when you might need to pray with children. 

Blow these bubbles…
Watch them form…
See the way the light shines on them: reveals the rainbow within.

Each of them shares the same shape,
but each one is different, unique special
Just like you…

The bubbles remind us of God, infinite in variety, beautiful in shape, perfect in form.

God the Father, created of the bubbles and the universe  and each and every one of us .
Do you believe this? Yes!

God the Son, Saviour of us all, who breathed the same air as us on this earth, the same air with which you fill these bubbles lives today in our hearts.
Do you believe this? Yes!

God the Spirit, who powers these bubbles, and which fills this space with power from on high plays with us and strengthens us
Do you believe this? Yes!

I recall leading intercessions at theological college one morning with bubbles. Mirfield can at times be a bit up itself, and you should have seen the pursed lips as I spoke of prayer floating around the sacred space like bubbles, ephemeral, weak and yet perfect: an object of beauty. As I called out the areas of prayer, so I blew a stream of bubbles. A few years later I got a phone call from “up north” – he said “I laughed at you when you did that, and do you know it has saved my bacon in schools and with children so many times” and he thanked me. Be playful in your faith…