Advent Confession

I think the challenge of the Deanery Midday Office has been a source of inspiration for me.

Our Deanery Clergy meet weekly to pray, share a coffee and sort out the deanery. It is the most functional deanery I have ever encountered and we come up with ideas, solutions and support each other in radical and creative ways. If only all Deanery Chapters were like this.

We take turns to host the meetings for a month at a time and this month it is my turn. One key decision of last year was to replace the slightly monastic Midday Office (based around the recitation of Psalm 119 and heavily dependent on all of us being able to sing Plainchant!) with something of our own each time: variety was the key. It was a lovely office, and as a Mirfield boy, I loved the chant.

My solution for this month has been to engage in alt.midday – Blesséd comes to the chapter. We have had two engaging acts of midday worship which have included ritual, lectio divina, and various meditations drawn from the blogosphere.

This Advent Confession comes from Cheryl, a hugely creative URC minister running alt.worship in the prisons of Australia. I love the raw honesty of some of the stuff she writes, so please feel free to use this as you wish:

The images come from a sunrise over the Himalayas and the music is by the Cocteau Twins (remember them ? Ahhh, sweet memory)