The title of this blog “Me Liturgy, You drains” is a (possibly apocryphal) story of a Parish Priest bogged down in a Church Council meeting (and I think we’ve all been there) when he burst out with that immortal phrase. Sometimes I worry that we get bogged down by buildings and institutions instead of building the Church as the Body of Christ and the spread of the Good News.

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I am the Vicar of the Roborough Team Ministry, Parishes of Bickleigh & Shaugh Prior, Plymouth in the Diocese of Exeter, and this blog is my spiritual journal. In it I reflect on my ministry, the life of my parish and the wider church, my thinking and research in Digital Theology. It also touches on other things that are distinctly me: an obsession with coffee, technology, computer programming, ballroom dancing and English literature. These are things which help make me one of God’s children and hopefully a better priest

I have a reputation for Youth Ministry and the use of Multimedia and Technology in Evangelism. I used to run of the first sacramental alt.worship communities in the UK: the Blesséd Alt.Worship Group and was visible at Greenbelt, Walsingham and many other places. I now curate the Holy Ground | Plymouth inclusive group.

Politically radical, Unashamedly Anglocatholic, Deeply Sacramental and wildly, rabidly Inclusive: that about sums me up.

I was awarded a Merit for my MA in Digital Theology with CODEC at Cranmer Hall, S. John’s College, Durham. This explores faith and mission through the lens of digital culture. My dissertation which is available here online is the beginnings of my primary interest: Sacraments in Digital Space.

I published a book on Creative Ideas in Sacramental Alternative Worship published by Canterbury Press in the Summer of 2010

Creative ideas for Sacramental Worship with Children 

published in the Autumn of 2011.

Frontline Evangelism with Young People was published in Spring 2012

According to Crockford’s, my life can be summed up as:

RUNDELL, Simon Philip. b 67. Univ of N Lon BSc95 Leeds Univ BA01 RGN90. Coll of Resurr Mirfield 99. d 01 p 02. C Southsea H Spirit Portsm 01-04; P-in-c Elson 04-09; V 09-12. P-in-c Roborough Team Ministry Exeter from 12 The Vicarage, 33 Leat Walk, Roborough, Plymouth, Devon Tel (07976) 802123 E-mail

But to shade that in a bit – I love:

  • Mission and Pioneering – growing the Church from the Ground Up rather than Planting which is more like Ecclesial Imperialism (and you know which rich West London Church is my primary target here)
  • Youth and Children’s work
  • The Gospel – an Inclusive Church which is both traditional, catholic (small ‘c’) and radical
  • Espresso Coffee – lots of it, full on caffeine addict. I used to love making it on my own vintage commercial Gaggia machine before this Vicarage forced me to sell it due to lack of space; but now have a DeLonghi Bean-to-cup machine.
  • Programming (VB/VBA, PHP, Ajax and Java are my specialities)
  • alt.worship and Liturgy – especially where I can be creative in the worship of God.
  • Digital Video and Photography (Sony Vegas, Nikon D7100 DSLR, Huawei P10 Camera Phone)
  • Books. I adore James Joyce and have a guilty pleasure in Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series.
  • David Bowie, REM, Brian Eno, Van Morrison, the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain and a lot of music in between.

I try not to hate, but what I do find intolerable is:

  • Intolerance and Prejudice of any kind
  • Homophobia and Transphobia: you are reading Paul all wrong and applying the wrong bits of OT Law to God’s creation. Trans Women are Women. Trans Men are Men, Non-Binary People are who they wish to be. I also consider myself to be Bisexual. I abhor the idea of Churches applying the abuse of Conversion Therapy.
  • I have problems with some expressions of Evangelicalism, especially those which condemn rather than love as Christ has commanded us to. Who gave them the right to judge instead of God? I also resent their affluence, numbers and easy life, but I am seeking to overcome such un-Christlike feelings.
  • I consider Resource Churches to be drain on the Church’s resources rather than a Resource to the rest of us.