A Pittance of Time – Remembrance Sunday

UPDATE: Agnus Dei website back up now – these videos can be downloaded from www.agnusdei.org.uk

This Sunday will be, of course, Remembrance Sunday. We will have, I pray, uniformed organisations and representatives from a local Army Field Hospital. It will be a mix of the strongly traditional and the new(ish).

A couple of years ago, I played this video from Canada and think it is lovely:


Our ritual response will be to this:


Poppies will be laid on a cross by everyone from the youngest to the eldest.

As well as the usual and traditional 2 minute silence, and other formal prayers and hymns.

I have been having problems with the Agnus Dei server; it got hacked this week, so I have taken it down. It is taking a long time to get it back up, but I hope that I can so people can download these materials from the site in order to use them this weekend. If not, use the excellent program Save2PC (Google it) to download it off youtube.