A no-Loyalty Card

ukpromoMany of you will know of my serious coffee addiction. It’s almost up there with the French writer Balzac who apparantly used to drink 30 espressos a day and died of heart failure as a result.

I have both Costa’s and Starbuck’s cards, and kind friends often send me top-ups as gifts (it’s such a lovely gesture, I have to say), but it always annoys me that you don’t actually get any benefit from pre-paying on one of these coffee cards.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could get 5% or 10% off our Doppio? One cup in ten for free? A free biscotti or a muffin for – get this – giving Costas and Startbucks my money in advance! How stupid am I being? It’s like banking with Costa’s, except my withdrawls can only be in the form of caffeine (although that’s not a bad rate of exchange)

How do we campaign in this day and age: we start a Facebook Group, and maybe we’ll see if it’s just me or not.