A morning wasted looking at the Blackberry hourglass

At least I could get on with other things, such as preparing for the Dec 8th Pilgrimage Liturgy, writing a *little* bit more for ‘Pregnant with Expectation’ on the 14th December, and starting at the Blackberry Hourglass whilst I upgrade to System Software 4.1.5 on my Blackberry 8320 Curve.


The most annoying thing about my Blackberry is the time it takes to start-up. The way to restart a Blackberry is so technical – you take off the back and flip out the battery! There is coming up a national “battery flip-out day” so that we can all restart afresh and clear up the memory leaks and other things that slow our smartphones down. But it takes ages and the delay when upgrading the software is immense. It took nearly 40 minutes to start up before restoring the data. The whole software upgrade has taken more than two and a half hours!!!

The first problem was that it only wanted to upgrade with Internet Explorer, which I seldom use because I am a fan of the Social-Networking savvy Firefox-based Flock (www.flock.com), then the download and install of Application Manager failed because it relies on the Windows Installer Service to be running which does not run by default. A cryptic error message, and a dig under the hood to CONTROL PANEL / ADMINISTRATIVE TOOLS / SERVICES and then look to manully start “Windows Installer Service”, then a reboot, then another attempt and then a very slow upgrade process, which has messed up my theme and my screen. Grrr.

It had better be worth it.