A message to all those preparing for Ordination to the Priesthood


We have not ordained you to be a caring person; you are already called to that;

We have not ordained you to serve the Church in committees, planning activities, and organisation; that is already implied in your membership;

We have not ordained you to become involved in issues of justice and peace, in the struggle, personal, social, political, against all forms of oppression and idolatry; for that is laid upon every Christian.

We have ordained you to something smaller and less spectacular:

  • to read and interpret those sacred stories of our community so that they speak the Word to people today;
  • to remember and practice those rituals and rites of meaning which in their poetry address people at the level where change operates;
  • to foster in community through Word and Sacrament and pastoral care that encounter with truth which will set people free to minister as the body of Christ.

We have ordained you to BE a priest, not to work as a priest, but to BE.

May God bless you in your future ministry.


Dave Walker – www.cartoonchurch.com

2 thoughts on “A message to all those preparing for Ordination to the Priesthood

  1. Reblogged this on An Anglican on the Road and commented:
    This is very true, but I think it os more than just that. So often we Christians DO Christian things, but do not heart and soul embody the teachings of Jesus.

    ‘Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”‘ (John 14:6)

    We are not called into a easy life of simple tasks, but rather to embody the difficult task of a life in Jesus Christ.

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