6pm New Forms Café, Greenbelt 25|08|08

If you are Greenbelting and are around on the Monday evening, then 6pm in the New Forms Café will see Blesséd’s debut at Greenbelt with … wait for the original title … Mass  !

There seems so much to organise still, so much to get ready. Unfortunately, due to parish commitments, I can’t be there until the Monday at all, and so I will miss a lot of what I wanted to see: Transcendance, Moot, Contemplative Fire; it’s all good stuff and I am conducting weddings!

We are also this year required to do “spontaneous” worship – the idea is that it will break out in some random public place. Obviously, I could not give anything away, although if you want to find out, send me a text anytme between now and monday lunchtime on 07976 802123 and I will give you 15 minutes warning on the Monday when and where some simple and yet glorious act of devotion might break out (flash mob style). We might need some protection from the Protestants, after all.

In the meantime, I loved Kathryn’s comment about blowing grant on dead Germans, and then she asked my about my favourite Assembly resources.

Obviously, there is no one book which fits all, but the ones I return to for ideas and a springboard are:

Groden & O’Donnell Assemblies  Vol I – For Liturgical Seasons and School Occasions AbeBooks Link Vol II – Feasts, Mary & the Saints  Amazon Link

and for quick ideas based on short devotionals, I was given this South African Book: Skateboards, Scooters and Scriptures by Anne McFarlane ISBN 1-86920-578-2 (sorry, but I can’t find a link for it)

For Key Stage 1 (Infant) Bible Stories, I use Listen by A.J McCallen Amazon Link which is simple and clear and good for readings done by children

I also love for that age group Bible Stories to Draw and Tell by Petras Amazon Link which you can do on an overhead, whiteboard, interactive whiteboard or a reveal bit-by-bit powerpoint.

There are others, but I want to get this posted… more after Greenbelt. Add your own suggestions in the comments.