Archives August 29, 2019

Batch Script Backup to Network NAS Drive

You can never be too paranoid about backing up. Each night I run a simple batch script to transfer my key files onto an external drive, in addition to backing it up on a cloud sever (recommendation: CrashPlan for Small Business). The batch script is this: @ECHO OFF set dt=%DATE:~0,2%/%DATE:~3,2%/%DATE:~6,4%:%TIME:~0,2%.%TIME:~3,2%.%TIME:~6,2% set dt=%dt: =0% ECHO %dt%>>backuplog.txt…

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Reading the Bible in Church

Don't worry, here are some useful tips. Almost anyone could do the readings. Almost anyone could do them badly and/or carelessly. But, with a little effort, most people could do them well. A little thought and a little planning can make all the difference. Morning Prayer is part of the Church’s daily cycle of prayer:…

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