Archives April 13, 2019

The Coming by RS Thomas

And God held in his hand A small globe. Look, he said. The son looked. Far off, As through water, he saw A scorched land of fierce Colour. The light burned There ; crusted buildings Cast their shadows ; a bright Serpent, a river Uncoiled itself, radiant With slime. On a bare Hill a bare…

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The Nursery Rhyme Mass – a childish approach to worship

Fr Simon Rundell, Parish Priest, Parishes of Bickleigh and Shaugh Prior, Plymouth, Diocese of Exeter. Worship with children, especially sacramental worship with children needs to tread a fine line between accessibility for the participants and authenticity to the faith which is manifest in worship. Within the canon of Fresh Expressions, there have been many innovative…

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Revelation requires both the willingness of God to reveal and the openness of humankind to be revealed to. This possibly explains that whilst the nature of God is unchanging, our understanding of the nature of God may change over time as our hearing and reflection on that Word becomes more nuanced. This becomes problematic when…

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