Archives April 14, 2017

Watch of the Blessed Sacrament

Will you but stay with me for just one hour? In silence, where every footstep squeek upon the lino floor Is a bold reminder that we are not alone In this long watch I fight to stay awake But silence looms and in its oppressive weight I long for shouts and a noisy arrest to…

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30 Pieces of Chocolate

With a h/t to Mthr Gemma It was one Saturday night After Eight, and me and my mate Freddo, were being paid a Bounty to guard this tomb. ‘Guard a tomb? You say. Yeah that’s a Whole Nut of an idea, I know. There was this guy, see. We’d executed him on the Friday, but…

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Anointing of the Sick Liturgy

This liturgy is a hybrid of Anglican and Roman texts which I keep for use in the anointing of the sick. It is usually given as an act of healing and reconciliation which needs to be carefully explained so that it is not feared as "the Last Rites" In the name of the +Father, and…

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