Archives October 31, 2016

Halloween – the Darkness runs from the Light

Vast armies undead do tread through the night and In hordes march towards hapless victims to frighten. They stumble in step with glass-eyes on the prizes; Bunched hither, hunched over in monstrous disguises; In sizes not lofty but numb’ring a throng; To unleash on their prey the dreaded DING DONG. Small faces with traces of […]

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Animated / looping images inside Prezi

Prezi, thankfully, still supports animations, but not as we now know and love them. With one simple step, however, you can insert animated gifs and take other short movies and insert them into your Prezi presentation to liven them up. Although Prezi does not support animated gifs (yet, hint, hint) you can easily convert these […]

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