Archives April 26, 2014

New life from old netbooks

Netbooks at one popint were going to be the next big thing: using small and low-power consuming Intel Atom or equivilent processors, small footprints and cut-down versions of Windows 7, these A5-and-a-bit sized PCs looked a good low cost solution, that you could pick up for about 150 quid. But they were quickly surpassed by […]

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Vestry tidying at St Edward's

The vestry has been transformed (and massively de-cluttered). Thanks to the hard work of one of the Churchwardens. Inheriting a sacristy filled with the detritus of centuries can be a real drag, but the good people of EKM have put their backs into it and removed the sideboard (!) which never opened and a filing […]

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Parish Document Management using Evernote

One thing is clear: a lot of paperwork comes into the Vicarage; from letters to faculty applications for gravestones; from missives from the diocese to all kinds of sketches I make on the back of envelopes about genius liturgical ideas. Filing physical paper is hard, and you can never find the bit you need… I […]

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