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A PostModern Crisis – just what is truth?

Twitter has this evening seen @peterrollins (Ulster Emergent Theologian and Ikon (alt worship community) Guru) try to out his nemesis/alter ego/ chief mickey taker, ostensibly by claiming that he is @RealPeteRollins and he was just pretending all along. He has compounded this by now retweeting things the ‘real’ has said.

This is the whole Postmodern thing in action, because I don’t know what the truth is anymore: artifice and reality have been confused and there is no reference to authority anymore. He who claims to be real is the fake and the real now also claims to be fake. I am enthralled by Pete Rollins writing and speaking and we shared a discussion table on the emerging church and the sacramental life at Greenbelt 2009 which was fascinating and lost in the midst of time as it was one of the talks they never bothered to record (which was a pity because I thought we were rather good and we didn’t disagree half as much as Greenbelt obviously expected us to). I think I will certainly cite this sometime other Holy Week:

The @realpeterollins is always an entertaining read, and a good grounding for someone like Pete Rollins: a thorn in the flesh. The thing is, I will never have my own twitter ‘real’ stalker, so I can be thoroughly entertained by it all.

So, in the words of Pilate, what is truth?




Free, effective, reliable remote control –

UPDATE: Since LogmeIn stopped their free service, I, like so many others have dropped it an moved on. My current solution is Splashtop which runs on tablets very well, and can be used for remote control from all kinds of platforms, and can be used as a wireless monitor, so I can see what’s on the projection screen behind me. Whereas LogMeIn was limited to a webpage, the native Splashtop apps are multiplatform and multihost. If only they would produce a Linux Version for more than Ubuntu (some of us use Debian, for goodness sake!) then my zoo of Mac/PC/Android Tablet devices could all talk to each other.

Original Post:

I have been using this software for a few weeks now to manage a Windows 2003 server remotely, and have now stepped into using it to control a number of PCs and Macs in a sort of headless mode – where I don’t have easy access to a monitor or keyboard for them. works brilliantly and offers a free basic service which simply works. It works through the web browser, and therefore makes remote access from anywhere really possible. This screen shot is of my Mac Mini over a Mobile Broadband dongle, and it works! There is a paid-for package which costs and adds good functionality, but for my low-end needs this works fine. I needed to pick up a document from my home network and so went via the logmein website to my area where I could connect to my Mac Mini and email the document to myself – how cool is that? The paid version allows chat, support and file transfer, but for me, access to Google Mail was all I needed. I have even connected to my machines via the browser on my iPhone! So, if you need to support and solve your Mother’s IT problems, if you need access to the network at home, if you need to control a server, then this comes highly recommended from me. ps- do you like the book cover? The manuscript is nearly complete, and the book is due out at the end of the Summer. I keep it on the desktop to motivate me!



Holy Week Preaching 2011

This will be the themes of my preaching this Holy Week. How it will work out in practice is still to be seen, but watch this space.

From Triumph to Glory

Palm Sunday From Triumph to Confusion
Maundy Thursday From Confusion to Peace
Watch From Peace to Disaster
Good Friday From Disaster to Victory
Easter Day From Victory to Glory