Archives April 11, 2011

A PostModern Crisis – just what is truth?

Twitter has this evening seen @peterrollins (Ulster Emergent Theologian and Ikon (alt worship community) Guru) try to out his nemesis/alter ego/ chief mickey taker, ostensibly by claiming that he is @RealPeteRollins and he was just pretending all along. He has compounded this by now retweeting things the 'real' has said. This is the whole Postmodern thing in…

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Holy Week Preaching 2011

This will be the themes of my preaching this Holy Week. How it will work out in practice is still to be seen, but watch this space. From Triumph to Glory Palm Sunday From Triumph to Confusion Maundy Thursday From Confusion to Peace Watch From Peace to Disaster Good Friday From Disaster to Victory Easter…

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