Archives October 27, 2009

From Dusk 'Til Dawn

Numbers are starting to pick up. Naturally the need to obtain parental consent has been a bit of a barrier, but you can’t undertake this kind of work without it. Need to keep praying for it. This isn’t for Churched young people at all, although organised by my older youth group all of whom have […]

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That's our MP they're referring to!

MP for Gosport: Peter Viggers A series of videos have appeared on the web this week taking the mickey out of the ridiculous claims some British Members of Parliament have made on their expense accounts, after Boing Boing and others campaigned to have details of MPs expenses released back in January. If you’re not from […]

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What uses for the Twitter API

As you might be aware, I am an extensive Twitter user: sending out daily meditations and prayers from the BlessedAltW acoount (search that out and follow it) and microblogging through the day as myself: frsimon As a programmer however, I am keen to be able to access the Twitter API and code something useful with […]

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