Archives October 8, 2008

NoHo? No Way! A tear shed for the Middlesex Hospital

[caption id="attachment_522" align="alignleft" width="225" caption="The Middlesex Hospital Chapel by Pearson"[/caption Nothing lasts for ever, and especially in London, things are reformed, reshaped and reestablished. The demolition of the Middlesex Hospital, the place where I trained to be a Registered Nurse, where I worked as a Staff Nurse on Holmes Sellors (Cardiothoracic) and the Intensive Therapy…

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Harvest Mass

(All children shown have the written permission of their parents. Children whose parents have not given permission have been pixillated out) The Liturgy was posted a day or so ago. Pictures speak louder than words. A wonderful experience. The Ministry Team process in. Bet we have the most outrageously hair-coloured thurifer in the Church of…

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To the tune of Woodlands by Walter Greatorix (1877-1949), perhaps best set to +Timothy Dudley-Smith's Tell Out My Soul. Glory to God, we give you thanks and praise Of heavenly joy and earthly peace we sing We worship you, to you our hearts we raise Lord God, Almighty Father, heavenly King Lord Jesus Christ, the…

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