1PixelOut implementation in Typo3

The snow has been on and off all day, much as been my broadband. Roads too icy to visit anyone and with the Internet dropping connections (thanks, Pipex) every 3 minutesI have had to turn to my own servers and do something I had been meaning to do for some time: develop a typo3 plugin for the excellent 1PixelOut player designed for WordPress.

screen1It features the ability to host multiple files on the same page and an optional download link (which is a useful implementation if the user is one of the 10% who hasn’t got flash on their system).

I plan to implement ID3 Tagging and to work around the annoying upload limit set by typo3 (currently 1Mb on my system).

If you want streaming audio in an attractive shell (maybe sermons, or choir pieces), then this might be for you.

If typo3 means nothing to you, then please ignore this particular posting, unless you want to think about it for your Church website. It’s Free, Open Source, Well Supported and even has the input of a project called Web Empowered Church which does very Church-related extensions for this powerful Content Management System.